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Swedish Massage

Is a nurturing touch using quality oils that will nourish the skin and promote the feeling of well being, while drifting into a relaxed state. Massage tones up your immune system, improves blood circulation and is designed to relieve built up pains of everyday stress. For arthritis sufferers and the disabled it is a non invasive and comforting way of helping with pain management.

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Deep Tissue

By focusing on tight and sore muscle groups, deep tissue can improve your range of motion and mixed with passive stretching can keep the muscles flexible With deep tissue it can relieve pain in deeper layers of muscle and tendons that surround joints, organs and ligaments.

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Is a form of muscle manipulation for reducing muscle tension and relieving chronic pain. This style has the benefit of being performed through light clothing such as T-shirts and tracksuits, and is an excellent sports treatment.

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Is a complete system of healing using Chinese meridians, and is based upon the correct use of pressure on different parts of the body using the hands, fingers and thumbs. This treatment affects the movement of energy and triggers the bodies innate self healing potential.

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Is an amazing treatment of massaging the feet to release tension and soreness in the body. When combined with essential oils it is an exotic treatment and is perfect in combination with all types of massage treatment.

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Experience this Japanese technique of hand son healing which channels the life force of nature through the Reiki practitioner. By lying comfortable on a practitioners table fully clothed in a room with soft lighting and relaxing music the Reiki practitioner uses their hands by placing them over the body as you drift into a deep state of relaxation. The life-giving energy that passes through the hands is warm and nurturing that is beneficial to relieve emotional stress, supportive in muscle relaxation and injury healing. Make more time out for YOU.

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