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Customer Record of Treatment

All procedures on the first consultation during the first 10 to 15 minutes will be taken up with detailing your basic physical condition relevant to the treatment plan and treatment procedures. Once this is done the Therapist will explain the style of treatment and will leave the room for the client to change down and place themselves on the treatment table.

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Under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by their guardian at all times during a treatment.

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What do you wear during a treatment

Gentlemen keep their underwear on. Ladies keep their underwear on but can vary depending on the treatment this is discussed with the therapist. At all times your privacy is respected.

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You are covered at all times during treatment except the area being treated. At all times your privacy is respected. Toweling is used for lying on the tables and covering the body. These are changed regularly and commercially cleaned.

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Room Setting

Warm and relaxed with low lighting. Each room is equipped with an electric table that adjusts up or down by the therapist during treatment. The tables can be lowered close to the floor so that getting on and off the table is safe and comfortable. Music of your choice can be played by our CD players from are range supplied or even your own CD.

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